the one

We are through the second round of decision making regarding our logo. Erika from Delphine further fine tuned the first selection we made and after much debate and agonizing- we have a clear winner. Yay! Now we are on to selecting the exact right perfect colors… The design process is such an interesting one and […]

slow speed ahead…

We are constantly moving forward, but sometimes it seems like we are moving at a snail’s pace! I usually prefer to move at the speed of light, so the waiting that is inherent in business dealings is difficult for me. Friday we met with the landlord at our little cottage to go over necessary and […]

letterpress love

We spent some more time over the weekend in what we hope to be our new home. We can clearly see the diamond hidden under the peeling paint, unfortunate ceramic floors and layers of dust and cobwebs. We took measurements, discussed where we would put the invitation albums, the greeting cards, the candy, the check […]

ups and downs

We had the best time at the National Stationery Show. We met so many amazing and talented designers and can not wait to bring all their fabulous products to San Diego. Then….we came home  to find that our retail space had been given to another. We did pause for a moment of sadness, but know […]