We had the best time at the National Stationery Show. We met so many amazing and talented designers and can not wait to bring all their fabulous products to San Diego. Then….we came home  to find that our retail space had been given to another. We did pause for a moment of sadness, but know that everything happens for a reason (even if we don’t know what it is yet….). The prefect store front is waiting for us somewhere and we will find it.

In the meantime we are charging ahead with the business of starting a business. We are excited to be working with Erika from Delphine on our logo design- she is very talented and we are lucky to be working with her. We are also deep into our plan on how to infiltrate the San Diego wedding scene- we have stuff that all you event planners are definitely going to want. We came across some fab invitation artists (as we like to call them) at NSS and really believe San Diego is ready for these amazing invitations. No longer will we have to travel to LA – woo hoo!! We have already purchased a few wedding, baby and bar/bat mitzvah books and will be unveiling more about this exciting news in future posts.

Keep your fingers crossed for us as we hunt down sweetpaper’s home.

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