We are through the second round of decision making regarding our logo. Erika from Delphine further fine tuned the first selection we made and after much debate and agonizing- we have a clear winner. Yay! Now we are on to selecting the exact right perfect colors…

The design process is such an interesting one and ending up at the final choice is a not as easy as one would think. When first presented with the options, three pages of 6-7 choices per page, T and I were not at all in agreement. She selected a few, as did I, and not one overlapped. So we stared and thought and stared. Then we were struck with the brilliant idea of cutting each one out individually- and suddenly each design looked so different. A design standing on its own is completely unlike that same design lost in a crowd of similar but different designs….hmmmm

To try to help us along, we printed a large picture of the cottage and placed each potential logo on it as semenax volume enhancer if it were the store front signage. Very interesting, immediately my favorite was ruled out. It looked terrible all of a sudden! One in particular looked spectacular.

We also shrunk the image down and tested it on some packaging prototypes we had been testing. The same one came out as the winner.

More staring and thinking later we decided on THE ONE.  There is final tweaking to be done and of course the color thing. I would say in about 2ish weeks we’ll unveil our new look to you all. Stay tuned!!

and..just so you are not left visually starving, here is a pic of one of our more favorite packaging design ideas. So, if  when you come into sweet paper and buy a few greeting cards, you will leave with a little something like this (with an adorable logo sticker in place of blank white one shown here)

the glassine bag is looking a little worse for the wear after bouncing around in the diaper bag all day yesterday....

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  1. Very Sweet – no pun intended – idea for the bagging. I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed to be scrolling down, see the top of something, excited to see what it was but decided to finish what I was reading…..and…and…andddd….it was a baggggggg ….albeit a cute bag with a ribbon….and the tease of a seal with logo…..sigh
    You girls are doing a wonderful job!

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