Sweet Paper is pleased to introduce you to Veronica Moody Anderson, the talented artist behind the hand painted keepsake boxes and bottle cap magnets now available at the shop.

SP: What inspires your work?
Veronica: Nature and the city, and everything in between. I love supporting current artists and exploring in my art books, magazines, and museum books from around the world.

SP: When you are not painting, what’s your favorite thing to do?
Veronica: I enjoy being outside; I have a garden I tend to. I love to hike, explore new paths, and GeoCache.

SP: What is your favorite project you’ve done?
Veronica: A mural for Kiefer Southerland

SP: What gave you the idea to re-purpose bottle caps as magnets?
Veronica: It is not a new idea by any means. Most bottle cap magnets are made with Epoxy Glue, mine are kid friendly in the making with Tacky Glue. This project was a hit at Art Camp at CSUF!

Veronica has her BA in Art with an emphasis in teaching from California State University Fullerton. For the past seven years she has taught 3-D art at the Art Camp through the Fullerton Foundation at CSUF. For the past four years, Veronica taught K-6th grade Art for the Fullerton School District. Through her many travels, she has collected folk art and project ideas from 15 different countries. Veronica has three murals for public viewing in the LA area and numerous artworks credited on T.V. and film.

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