Here is a little glimpse into our week.  Its raining in San Diego, which means there is snow a mere 2 hour drive from here.  I am dreaming of cabins in the snow and warm drinks by the fire.  Have a good weekend!

monday: Working with Alee and Press on some invitations

tuesday: Added a little love to our office via Pistachio Press

wednesday: Ashley Elizabeth delivered some beautiful flowers to the shop.

thursday: Grandma Pat is visiting from the east side, Cape Cod to be exact, and got to see the shop for the first time! This sassy lady is 89 years old and a firecracker!

friday: Photo shoot with the adorable Susan from En Pointe Photography

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  1. Oh I’m with you about snow, warm drinks and a fire. It’s cold here…34 degrees. 20s last night – Snow in Salinas…go figure.
    I love all the pastel colors you use…really inviting and whimsical while being sophisticated – sophisticated whimsy

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