The dust is eradicated! T and I spent hours yesterday cleaning the shop and then set about finally putting up the greeting cards. I feel like we have been waiting forever for this. Somehow placing the greeting cards marked the end of “we are opening a store” and the beginning of “we own this cute little paper boutique…”

Not shockingly, we actually have more greeting cards than space for them. I, however, am not complaining because 1. I know they will fly off the shelves and 2. one can never really have too much beautiful paper.

Here is are pictures of our long awaited and oh so beautiful greeting card walls:

If things go as planned this week, we will open our doors on Saturday for a soft opening. Stay tuned!!!

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  1. Words can not describe how fabulous it all looks. You two are amazing and have done an outstanding job getting the store ready to open. I can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. Wow! It is absolutely beautiful! I love the arrangement of the cards. The walls really play up (or up play) the cards. Great job of choosing the colors! Can’t wait to see your boutique!

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