We are selecting floors, paint, deciding where lights will go, and buying furniture that does not fit….

It can’t be all good all the time right? We happened upon an “estate sale” this weekend and picked up a pair of very cool mirrors and an amazing antique china cabinet. The cabinet is great, once it is cleaned up a bit we will take pics. The mirrors are also fab, and we were very excited they were such a steal. Then we got them into our 650 square foot shop with 8 foot ceilings and realized just how big those suckers are. I think one will work in the bathroom- you know, make a statement. But the other might soon show up on Craigslist.

We spent the better part of yesterday and today trying to decide on paint colors for the walls and trim. It’s a process I’ve been through many times before but it never gets any easier. We had 4 possibilities, then foolishly added two more, before managing to select the final color. We’re still debating on two options for the trim. If the sun would show itself around here it might be a little easier- geesh!

Here is a view of our test wall when all 6 colors were up- divided of course by the trim color options.

which is your favorite color??

As you can see there is much work still to be done- but it’s great to see progress! Two walls have come down, many holes patched, and all the ceiling lighting started going in today. We are scrambling to get everything the contractor needs since we are heading to the east coast on Saturday for two weeks. I have a feeling I will be heavily relying on phone pics and texting with my contractor while we are gone.

In other exciting news we placed about 11 orders at the California Gift Show last week. We found some great options for gift-ish type items and some amazing candles you will love!

Today we faxed in about 12 more orders. It feels great to finally be ordering products. I am really excited for August when we are in a clean, pretty space opening up boxes full of beautiful paper.

Here is another shot of the current state of affairs at 7527 La Jolla Blvd.

wall has been removed. green paint next to go.

Here is another piece of furniture we bought for the shop that is too big. (I know right? We need to stop doing that!) We are going to make it work- Tim Gun would be proud.

did not look so big in the warehouse with 20 foot ceilings....

and for my last pic of the day- here is one of my obsessions- always trying to figure out how we are going to lay out the space….

quite the handy little magnet/white erase board don'tcha think?

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  1. Love the pics. Tom would be so proud of your magnet layout board. He drove me crazy with our moves. But in reality, it really helped a lot for planning where everything went. An engineering thing. He gets so detailed with measurements, cut-outs, etc. But I have to hand it to him, he gets it right every time! Don’t tell him I said that….he thinks I think it’s weird. 🙂

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