I had a great conversation with Debbie from Smock yesterday. I can’t say enough good things about Smock and am so pleased to be able to tell you that we will be carrying Smock’s wedding and social occasions albums. Where to start with the Smock accolades….well first, they are dedicated to being a truly green letterpress shop. They print on luxury bamboo paper because bamboo is a sustainable and renewable source. Luckily for all of us, in addition to being eco friendly, bamboo paper is amazingly soft, wonderfully thick and has a texture more akin to fabric than paper. You really should get your hands on some (at sweetpaper of course) because it is truly amazing. Read more about their eco-friendly business practices here and their divine bamboo paper here.

On to their design work, since pictures are worth a thousand words……ok, well I have to add a few of my own words, I’ve always talked too much!

This florence henderson pokies is the Haddington invitation, I think its simplicity is its brilliance.

I love, love, love this invitation. Simple. Elegant. Stunning.

A peek at the Haddington with accompanying reply card and envelope. One of my favorite things about Smock is their beautiful envelope liners and back patterning.

Note the envelope pattern and extra flourish on the reply card. Love!

The Iashar invitation showcases the blind press, using the letterpress to make an impression in the paper without any ink. It is one of my favorite things right now.

Simple design + snappy color = perfect.

The below custom holiday invitation was created using Smock’s Special Occasions Album.

I love the use of traditional red and green in a modern, fresh way

Soon I’ll give y’all a peek of the everyday goodies from Smock that sweetpaper will be carrying. Stay tuned….

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  1. FANCY!! OMG – I love it. IF I ever get married, I’ll never be able to pick out the invites!! Of the ones I’ve seen so far (twig & fig, & here), I’m in love!! (in love with the paper that is 😉 )

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