I’m sure it was only a matter of time before it became obvious to all peeps reading this blog that my sis and I share a love of wine in addition to our love of paper. We often indulge in both at the same time, because why would you not???

Tonight, as most nights, we are drinking a little vino and pouring over catalogs trying to make selections. Some companies like Smock, Elum, Night Owl Paper Goods and Red Cap Cards make it almost impossible to pick just a few of their products. We could literally have one of every single thing in their catalogs and firmly believe Pokies it would all fly off the shelves. This is where we must learn to have a little restraint. We need to PLAN carefully what we want in the store based on displays, themes, times of year, etc. I figure we will eventually order one of everything, just do so in a slow, methodical manner so that you all keep coming back for more new and exciting things!!

I don’t have a pic for you today….it is after all the first week of summer and with all four of my little men at home, time (and sanity) has become a very rare commodity. Here’s to wine, paper and sistars.


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  1. Awwww, well aren’t y’owl just the sweetest?!? We share your love of wine, paper and chocolate and find that indulging in owl three at the same time make life just heavenly!

  2. How about, “pouring a little vino and drinking in all the fabulous catalogs”….just a play on words….you two are smokin’!

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