fabulous boutique looking for a home….

I almost did not want to post today because I thought you all would start to get sick of the up and down, back and forth we’ve been dealing with trying to find a home for sweetpaper. Then I remembered, that is the whole point of a blog and I am writing to communicate what we are going through.

So- after taking some measurements over the weekend, we realized that the landlord of our potential space had seriously misrepresented the actual square footage of the space. The actual available space is just too small. The location is so perfect I found myself trying ridiculously hard to make it work, but honestly that is just not the spot.

We really think the 5600 block of La Jolla Blvd is where sweetpaper belongs. I have some insider info on 2 more spaces that may be available on that block and will carefully and diligently investigate those options. We also have an appointment with a broker to check out some other spaces in La Jolla tomorrow.

On a happy note-we got word that another wedding book we ordered at NSS is shipping this week. Obviously we are very excited to receive our second wedding book! It is from a great new company that offers some refreshing wedding invitation designs- can’t wait to share it with you.

Ciao- keep your fingers crossed for our homeless sweet boutique!

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