At least it’s still forward motion right? Some of the improvements we wanted to make to our potential space (ie: tearing down a pesky wall) have been denied. Partly due to said wall’s concrete nature, tres inconvenient.  Now we need to decide if we can create a fabulous interior with said wall in place. I think we are going to do what we can to make it work because the location of the space can not be beat.

We have the paper part of sweetpaper down cold. We have much research and sourcing left to do on the sweet part of sweetpaper. Yes that’s right folks, there will be the sweetest of candies and chocolates available to purchase with those amazing paper goods. Can’t beat that now, can you? Anyway- give a shout out with your favorite candy/chocolate that you think is a must for our little boutique.

While we wait for our logo design to work itself out, we are fidgeting with the look of our blog. We thought it could use a little love. Let us know what you think (but only if its good…).

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  1. How about blog background as sample of “paper” from sweetpaper? Periodic changes.

    Too bad about the wall – can you put a glassless window through the wall?


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