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We’ve had our eye on the illustrations and hand lettering of Patricia from Our Heiday for a while, so we are happy to say her lovely stationery line can now be found at Sweet Paper! As I always do for you, I pulled together some of my favorite cards from her line. I also threw in the black and white hand lettered number below, which is actually an art print! Our Heiday stationery, greeting cards and art prints are also available in our online shop!




Meet Desiree of Paper Anchor Co.

Paper Anchor Co.
Paper Anchor Co.

Hello world, meet Desiree! A talented artist, stationery designer, total sweetheart and our new shop gal (official title, Paper Stylist).

Desiree of Paper Anchor Co.
Desiree of Paper Anchor Co.

Hailing from the town of Brawley, CA, where there are more cows than people, Desiree moved to San Diego 6 years ago with $200 to her name and a dream of becoming a graphic designer. She recently graduated from The Art Institute of California-San Diego and has been putting her design talents to good use ever since.

When Desiree is not working you can find her at home painting illustrations for her greeting card line, Paper Anchor Co. (available at Sweet Paper!!), doing freelance design work or practicing her hand lettering skills. But don’t worry, she’s not all design all the time! You just might spot her wandering your local antique store or at a local brewery tasting new craft beers.

Paper Anchor Co. illustrations in progress
Paper Anchor Co. illustrations in progress
Paper Anchor Co. greeting cards (hello little fox!)
Paper Anchor Co. greeting cards (hello little fox!)

Quick Q&A with Desiree

Favorite pantone color?
My favorite color always changes, but right now my favorite color is Pantone 432 C (charcoal grey)

Favorite artist?
Teagan White, Illustrator and Designer, she is an amazing artist and has a variety of design capabilities. Most of her work is hand rendered and some are vectorized and painted in photoshop. My favorites are her animal illustrations and her typography and hand lettering skills.

What made you decide to start Paper Anchor Co.?
I started Paper Anchor Co. as my professional design brand. My instructors recommended that I go by my full name, but so many Graphic Designers go by their names that I wanted to do something different to help me stand out.

Why did you name your stationery line Paper Anchor Co.?
I chose Paper Anchor from the title of a song by my favorite band in high school. The band name is Atreyu (a hardcore/screamo rock band) and the song title is Lead Sails (and a Paper Anchor). I just fell in love with the way both words sound together and the oxymoron of an anchor made out of paper.

Tell us something most people might not know about you.
I share my birthday with my youngest brother, Benjamin, we are 7 years apart. I am absolutely horrible at keeping succulents alive! And I have a growing collection of gemstones and rocks that I’ve had since I was a kid.

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