Don’t know about you, but every time I say POS I can’t stop myself from thinking of the not so nice (but often useful) phrase “piece of sh*#” rather than what I am actually talking about, which is point of sale.

Anyway, we are currently lost in POS land, trying to figure out which system meets our needs but is not overkill. Over the weekend we made some major headway and have pretty much decided on some POS software for macs. Now we are just making sure the software works with all the credit card/cash drawer and receipt printers we want to use. Not pretty or exciting, but necessary. I actually am pretty excited to get it all nailed down and working. I think using POS software’s inventory management tools to organize our suppliers, ordering etc will be very beneficial.

In other news, we are expecting the 42pressed bridal and baby books to arrive this week as well as Twig & Fig’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah and baby books. We are also going to be ordering the rest of our custom albums this week so stay tuned for designer spotlights!!

My sis brought home some champagne and this cute note to celebrate our lease signing. The lovely notecard was made by saima says

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